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Research House Analyst Email Address
DBS Derek Tan
Dale Lai
KGI Securities Amirah Yusoff
Phillip Securities Paul Chew
Natalie Ong
RHB Vijay Natarajan
Soochow Securities Zhao Yiyuan

Analyst Reports

Research House Date Recommendation Target Price Download
RHB 12 August 2020 Buy SGD0.76 Steady As It Goes; Keep BUY
Soochow Securities 11 August 2020 Buy SGD0.87 Steady as she goes
RHB 14 May 2020 Buy SGD0.76 Defensive Master Leases, Resilient In Logistics
KGI 3 July 2020 Outperform SGD0.73 No need for panic
KGI 14 May 2020 Outperform SGD0.73 Normalcy with an added sprinkle of caution
DBS 14 May 2020 Buy SGD0.80 Business as usual
RHB 02 Mar 2020 Buy SGD0.78 Near-Term Headwinds; Long-Term Outlook Intact
KGI 02 Mar 2020 Outperform SGD0.82 Somewhat immune, but some sniffles expected
Soochow Securities 02 Mar 2020 Buy SGD0.88 Resilience amid COVID-19 outbreak
DBS 28 Feb 2020 Buy SGD0.80 E-commerce catching the flu?
KGI 25 Nov 2019 Outperform - Initiation SGD0.84 E-Commerce taking over the World
DBS 11 Nov 2019 Buy SGD0.86 Netting another e-commerce asset
Soochow Securities 8 Nov 2019 Buy SGD0.91 Transitional quarter, new pipeline revealed
Phillip Securities 8 Nov 2019 Buy SGD0.87 Against FX headwinds
Phillip Securities 8 Aug 2019 Buy SGD0.87 Operationally stable
RHB 8 Aug 2019 Buy SGD0.82 Another Stable Quarter Barring FX Impact; BUY
Soochow Securities 7 Aug 2019 Buy SGD0.91 Upcoming boost from acquisition
Phillip Securities 14 May 2019 Buy SGD0.87 An accretive acquisition and longer WALE
RHB 14 May 2019 Buy SGD0.85 Accretive Acquisition Of FEC; Keep BUY
Soochow Securities 13 May 2019 Buy SGD0.93 ROFR acq boosting growth and portfolio quality
DBS 12 May 2019 Buy SGD0.86 Proposed acquisition of Fuzhou E-commerce enhances yield
Phillip Securities 01 Mar 2019 Buy SGD0.85 Optimistic about the outlook
Soochow Securities 25 Feb 2019 Buy SGD0.89 Strengthened portfolio; imminent asset injection
RHB 25 Feb 2019 Buy SGD0.84 Master Leases Extended Until 2024; Keep BUY
DBS 21 Feb 2019 Buy SGD0.86 Boon from e-commerce boom
RHB 08 Jan 2019 Buy SGD0.81 E-Commerce Logistics + 9% Yield; Initiate BUY
CGS CIMB 04 Dec 2018 Non-rated - EC World REIT Unique e-commerce landlord
Fund Supermart 30 Nov 2018 Non-rated - EC World REIT: Leverage On China's Burgeoning E-Commerce Industry With This REIT!
Soochow Securities 8 Nov 2018 Buy SGD 0.88 Resilient core operations; inorganic opportunities
Phillip Securities 5 Nov 2018 Buy SGD 0.82 The landlord in e-commerce
KGI 29 Oct 2018 Not Rated Site Visit Note
RHB 24 Oct 2018 Not Rated Visit Note: Master Lease Assets Ramping Up
Soochow Securities 8 Aug 2018 Buy SGD 0.88 Boosted by maiden acquisition
Soochow Securities 14 May 2018 Buy SGD 0.88 1Q18 tax drag; rising visibility on acquisition roadmap
Soochow Securities 16 Apr 2018 Buy SGD 0.88 Prime Beneficiary of Hangzhou Logistics Boom
Phillip Securities 19 Mar 2018 Not Rated Foothold in Hangzhou’s specialised logistics arena