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EC World Asset Management Pte. Ltd., as manager of EC World Real Estate Investment Trust ("EC World REIT", and the manager of EC World REIT, the "Manager") is committed to ensure the disclosure of material information in a timely, transparent and accurate manner, in accordance with the listing rules of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST") and the Code of Corporate Governance 2012.

  1. General Principles

    1. This Investor Relations ir_policy (the "ir_policy") sets out the principles and practices of the Manager which ensure effective communication of information to EC World REIT's investors in order to allow them to make well-informed decisions.
    2. In conducting its investor relations activities, the Manager shall comply with all applicable securities laws, regulations and rules and ensure that EC World REIT's investors are provided with timely and transparent disclosures of corporate communication materials.
    3. All disclosures are submitted to the SGX-ST through SGXNET, and shall be available on EC World REIT's corporate website.
    4. Unpublished material information is not selectively disclosed. If such information is inadvertently disclosed, it will be immediately announced to the public via SGXNET and the media.
    5. This ir_policy is subject to regular reviews by the senior management of the Manager to ensure its effectiveness. Updates and amendments (as appropriate) will be made to this ir_policy to reflect current best practices in our communication with the investment community and the media.
  2. Communication Principles

    1. The Manager seeks to provide pertinent and accurate information to its unitholders of EC World REIT (the "Unitholders") and the investment community in an effective and sustainable manner.
    2. The Manager shall endeavour to use plain language in its communication of information to Unitholders.
    3. The Manager will ensure that all disclosures will be factual, clear, unbiased and concise, containing sufficient information to enable investors to evaluate the activities of EC World REIT.
    4. The Manager will communicate only through its designated spokespersons who will establish and maintain dialogue with Unitholders so to understand their views and concerns and respond to inquiries from the media and the public.
    5. The Manager will not respond to rumours or market speculations. Clarifications will be made through announcements via SGXNET in the event where rumours indicate that material information has been leaked or where they are in fact false and inaccurate.
    6. Two weeks prior to the announcement of its quarterly results and one month prior to the announcement of its full-year results, the Manager will observe a "blackout period". During this period, the Manager shall avoid commenting about the business performance and financial results of EC World REIT.
  3. Communication with Investment Community

    The Manager uses various avenues to actively engage with the investment community and media. In addition to Unitholders' meetings, the Manager organises meet-up sessions with the investment community and the media, and participates in conference calls, roadshows, property tours and site visits, media luncheons and industry conferences organised by brokerage firms throughout the year. These events allow the Manager to keep investors updated on its corporate activities and provide an opportunity for the Manager to address investors' concerns.

    1. General Meetings of Unitholders

      1. The Annual General Meeting ("AGM") held annually is a platform for Unitholders to voice their concerns and pose questions on matters relating to EC World REIT. The board of directors and senior management of the Manager shall be present to answer queries relevant to the agenda of the AGM. Unitholders are encouraged to attend and participate in the AGM.
      2. Unitholders will receive the Notice of AGM detailing the resolutions and a proxy form. Proxy forms must be submitted [48] hours before the AGM. Unitholders will be informed of the rules of the meeting including the voting procedures.
      3. Following the AGM, the Manager shall release an announcement via SGXNET detailing the number and percentage of votes received FOR or AGAINST each resolution. Minutes of the AGM will be made available to Unitholders upon their request.
      4. Similar to an AGM, Unitholders may also attend and vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting ("EGM"). A circular containing the details of the EGM will be despatched to Unitholders. The Notice of EGM will also be made available on SGXNET.
    2. Analysts and Investment Community

      1. The Manager facilitates requests by analysts and institutional investors for meetings for the purpose of providing a deeper understanding of EC World REIT's business and operations. All discussions during these meetings will be based on publicly available information.
      2. The Manager will not influence the views or recommendations of analysts and investment banks but reserves the right to review the factual accuracy of reports made available in the public domain.
    3. Quarterly Results Reporting

      1. The Manager will conduct an analyst briefing of its results announcement for EC World REIT's half year and full year results.
      2. The Manager will publish quarterly financial statements, press releases and presentation slides on EC World REIT's corporate website.
    4. Annual Report

      1. 3.4.1. The Manager publishes an annual report to enable Unitholders and the investment community to obtain an overview of its operational and financial performance and to allow investors to understand EC World REIT's business strategies and industry outlook.
    5. Corporate Website

      1. The Manager shall make available all information relating to EC World REIT on its corporate website, [insert URL of website].
      2. All announcements and press releases and released via SGXNET will be uploaded on EC World REIT's website as soon as practicable.
      3. [Unitholders may subscribe to email alerts to receive regular updates on EC World REIT's corporate information, announcements and press releases.] Contact details of the Investor Relations team will also be available on EC World REIT's corporate website.
  4. Publication of this ir_policy

    1. This ir_policy is available on EC World REIT's corporate website at [insert URL of website].